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Welcome to the Official ICA Webinar Information Page for the ICA TDI Presentation

Welcome to ICA Webinar Registration!



Pad PortraitThank you for your interest in attending the ICA Webinar on how best to optimize your team to deliver the new gold standard in dementia care: Transactional Dementia Intelligence!

This webinar will feature our ICA VP of Team Optimization, known worldwide, simply as Pad. He will be sharing how he uses his proprietary Team Me approach to drive your team assessment through the use of personality archetypes.

You'll come away from the webinar with a fresh and vivid vision of who your best self is via a 5 minute exercise in submitting for your Archetype Profile during a special segment of the webinar.

Be sure to register via the form on this page! 

Day & Time of Live Webinar:
  X-X:30 PM CST  Tue., mar. 14, 2023

When you do register, we will email you an e-book copy of Dr. Lord's landmark book. Request the e-book in the Comments field.

At the Webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why Team Optimization is crucial to acheiving beset practices under the revolutionary TDI Model!
  • How to understand and respect the unique talents and abilities of each of your team members.
  • How to optimize your team relationships by putting each person in their most effective role!

About Pad, one the world's leading experts on team optimization:

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To request your free e-book copy of Dr. Lord's book, write "Send Me The Book" in the comments section besides your preferred webinar date and press Submit.

2nd ed. of book