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Welcome to the Official ICA Webinar Information Page for the ICA TDI Presentation

Welcome to ICA Webinar Registration!



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Thank you for your interest in attending our groundbreaking ICA Webinar on how best to optimize your team to deliver Transactional Dementia Intelligence - the new gold standard in dementia care.

Presented by our VP of Team Optimization, the author and coach, known as Pad, you will discover how to assess, align and motivate your team using intuitive, universally recognised personality archetypes.

TEAM ME® is Pad’s simple and highly effective approach to improving team performance and real-world impact by better understanding the dynamics between the different personalities on your team. 

This knowledge will help you address:

  • A lack of engagement
  • Depleted motivation
  • Conflict & frustration
  • Ineffective communication
  • A lack of respect
  • Poor focus & prioritisation
  • Difficult relationships
  • A lack of clear direction
  • Dissatisfaction at work

Discover how TEAM ME® delivers rapid, actionable insights that any leader can leverage to vastly improve team structure and performance. 

Be sure to register via the form on this page! 

Day & Time of Live Webinar:
  12 pm-1 PM CST May 16, 2024

At the Webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why Team Optimization is crucial to achieving best practices under the revolutionary TDI Model
  • How to understand and respect the unique talents and innate abilities of each of your team members
  • How to optimize your team relationships by putting each person in their most effective role

    You'll come away from the webinar with a fresh and vivid vision of your ‘best self.’ Completing your rapid Personal Archetype Profile during a special segment of the webinar you’ll discover some highly empowering truths.


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Six types

Which Archetypes Define You?

Which of the six archetypes dominates your demeanor? And what does this mean for your team? Hint: Your personal profile will show your two most dominant types and reveal the key opportunities and challenges you’ll typically face in a working day