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Dr. Jennifer Stelter, "The Oil Doctor"

Dr. Stelter & Her Team Bring a Proven & Powerful Training Resource to Bear for Our ICA Clients.

Dr. Jennifer Stelter

Dementia Connection Model

The Dementia Connection Model© was created by Dr. Jennifer Stelter while working alongside those with dementia and their caregivers and staff for over a decade. It's the first cognitive-behavioral framework in dementia care that improves the quality of life for the individual with dementia and deepens the connection between that person and their caregiver.


Dr. Jennifer Stelter created the Dementia Connection Model© for dementia caregivers. Learn more about it in her “easy to read” book, titled The Busy Caregiver’s Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease. In this workbook style guide, she shares this new model designed to help dementia caregivers understand, cope, and handle some of the most challenging symptoms associated with the disease, while encouraging and reinforcing independence and quality of life for their loved ones or residents.

IPPY Award Winner of Health/Medicine/Nutrition 

Meet Dr. Jennifer Stelter, VP of ICA Education

Jennifer Stelter,  Psy.D., DCS, DCSCT, is the CEO of the Dementia Connection Institute by NeuroEssence, LLC and the innovator and creator of the Dementia Connection Model©, which aligns perfectly with the guiding principles of Transactional Dementia Intelligence, or TDI Model. She is a national speaker, Johns Hopkins author, and a Senior Living and Dementia Care Consultant. Dr. Stelter is also the originator and Master Trainer for the Dementia Connection Specialist Certified Trainer (DCSCT) Certification Program. In addition, she is the author of "The Busy Caregiver's Guide to Advanced Alzheimer Disease".