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ICA Team Optimization

The ICA Brings an Innovative Take on Team Optimization, Predicated on Proven Personality Analytics

Meet Pad, Our Team Optimization Expert



Pad is an acclaimed author in the field of behavioral psychology, and the creator and chief facilitator of TEAM ME® - a unique, dynamic, and easy-to-learn approach to leadership and team performance improvement.  He leads the crucial Team Formation phase of the TDI Model. Certified as an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, with Advanced Diplomas in Psychology and Leadership, he is the Director of Come Alive Success Coaching ltd. A sought-after international speaker; Pad’s personal coaching, workshops, and ground-breaking products have been distributed to over 54 countries. 

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He Takes the Guess Work Out of Optimization.

Building a world-class team requires more than acting on hunches, gut instinct and throwing darts at an org chart. The stakes are too high to play games. That's why every ICA program integrates this proven system!

The good news is that there IS a method for putting just the right people in just the right positions. It starts with understanding who each player on your team really is on the inside - in terms of their real character strengths, their personal drives, and motivations. Then you have a basis for fitting everyone together to complete the HR puzzle. One of the unexpected benefits is how much more respect each team member finds for each other--once they discover the ways everyone can benefit the entire organization. 

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Discover How Team Me Will Transform Team You!

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Who are the Sovereigns, Mystics, Warriors, Sages, Lovers and Jesters on your team? Find out and put them in play!

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