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Welcome to The ICA Institute

Meet Our ICA Faculty and Explore Our Course and Certification Options!

Where Great Minds Are Forging the Future of Dementia Care.

Our ICA Faculty members come from diverse fields, many nations and a kaleidescope of backgrounds. They differ in age, gender and culture. But they all share one burning passion: to shape a new gold standard in dementia care, worldwide.   

The old dementia care model is dead. The pharma-fueled medical era is fast fading in the face of a new set of solutions that treat the whole person--and nowhere more than in dementia care. The quest for those solutions is birthing a powerful array of stunning new caregiving approaches, that support both the many persons living with dementia and the many more persons who comprise their support network, both family and professional. Our Faculty brings the latest, best thinking in the world to developing a new gold standard of dementia care, across fields as diverse as behavioral psychology, metabolic psychiatry, neuro-tracking, sleep therapy and leading edge diagnostics including voice scanning and AI predictive models. We also provide 21st-century team optimization counsel because achieving the gold standard in dementia care requires a radical new approach to program management as well!

Please review our ICA courses below. Then reach out to ICA today for a Preliminary Assessment of your organization that will benchmark your dementia care readiness level, and then follow with clear direction on a customized dementia care program. 


Gain Top Certifications in Dementia Care
to Boost Your Career Path-Or Improve Your Team!

The ICA brings together the latest and most advanced courses to equip you and your team to deliver world-class dementia care--fast and with the convenience of online learning. Simply register for the courses you want and pay directly online--or by check. Get CEUs and golden certifications quickly and at your own pace. Build your competency and that of your team through following a customized personal development plan ICA can provide as part of our Preliminary Assessment program. Or just pick the courses you want or need in any order you like. Upon completion of each course, you will receive a handsome diploma that's suitable for framing in your office. You'll also get attention-getting badges of Certification for your website or LinkedIn page! Explore our Course Catalog below!

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Program Your Team with a New Culture of Dementia Care, Customized to Your Needs.

Today, everyone realizes that t status quo model for dementia care isn't working the way it should.  So most care providers look for parts of their program to patch up and do better. But too often, the outcomes stay the same: the feeling of warehousing residents under lockdown and continuous staff burnout and churn. The ICA provides a global resource that is provides a "systems approach" to rebuilding your dementia care culture from the ground up. We replace it with a new, 21st-century culture of dementia care that transforms the experience for staff, residents and families alike.  ICA Certification is your passport to the future of dementia care, worldwide! 

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ICA Course Catalog - Summer Semester 2024

The following course descriptions and pricing are offered to provide an overview of available courses at this time. However our coudrse catalog is continually growing. Please contact ICA for formal coursework pricing and customization guidance. Some group discounts may apply, based on overall need and program personalization. 




The ASR Module is designed to provide a thorough assessment of the Client’s current dementia care program in terms of organizational structure, staff competency & morale, family engagement, memory resident status, and overall program effectiveness. 

Module Elements: 
•    In-depth Leadership Consultation with ICA Top Leadership – 2, 1-Hour appointments
•    Multi-level Survey of Leadership, Staff and Resident Families / Survey Analysis
•    Team Personality and Strengths Analysis (Archetype Model)
•    Detailed Proposal summarizing current status, program recommendations for Optimized Leadership, Staff and Family Integration which includes a timeline for implementation of the TDI system

Pricing: Available based on initial discussion



The TDI Leadership Orientation is designed to provide top-tier client leadership with a solid overview of the primary concepts behind Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) and how the TDI Model will be rolling out in their organization. The course will underscore how their active engagement with TDI initiatives, such as integrating and interfacing with the Dementia Coach, will optimize the value of the ICA to their organization. It will also acquaint them with the full range of ways the ICA can add value to the TDI program through Diagnostic and Remedial Service layers.

Module Elements:
One-hour presentation offering condensed version of the TDI Foundational Certificate Program, which will be presented to the client care team. Detailed proprietary program description, including Standard Operating Procedure and Timeline, will be unfolded.

Pricing:  Available based on initial discussion

3.    TDI FOUNDATIONAL PROGRAM                      Code: TDI002

The TDI Foundational Course consists of 4 modules designed to give management a sound foundation in the principles of TDI across the spectrum of core principles, including brain physiology, the nature of dementia intelligence, the role of transactional analysis, and the role of the Dementia Coach as a prime asset to the team. 

Module Elements:
•    Four-week program consisting of one-hour presentations in PPT form
•    Each weekly Zoom program includes a PPT presentation for reference as needed, a list of follow-up resources and exercises
•    Certification of Completion in TDI Fundamentals after 4 weeks

Pricing:  Full Set of Four Modules - $225       Single Module Options: $75 per module.       

4. TDI TEAM OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM.                    Code:  TDI003

The TDI Team Optimization Program is an important tool for management and designed to provide an objective approach to the team selection and team building as indicated in the Preliminary Assessment & Report/Proposal module. It encompasses a four-week sequence, with each level building on the last. This approach, pioneered by our select, global team building expert delivers a rapid and dramatic elevation of Leadership and Team Performance by addressing the specific character traits. 

Called TEAM ME®, this tool is a proven approach that makes these 'soft issues' of character dynamics memorable, measurable and manageable. Furthermore, it provides an engaging model that is backed by hard numbers. All these factors are amplified when looking at teams and team relationships at work. Your awareness of these factors can massively improve productivity, add solid respect among team members, and elevate the value of individual performance.

Module Elements: 

•     Team Briefing – Overview of Team Dynamics (60 minutes, online)
•     (PDFs sent to each team member)
•     Training Workshops (2x 90 minutes, online)
•     of Team, with Results Presentation (60 minutes, online)

Tuition: Available based on initial discussion


Preliminary Needs Assessment, with Leadership Team Personality Profilin
Leadership Team Briefing – Overview of Leadership Team Dynamics (60 minutes, online)

Tuition: Available based on initial discussion


Personalized Leadership Coaching for optimal application of the TEAM ME model
·          Resources for ongoing education, conditioning, and performance alignment



The Dementia Connection Specialist Certified Trainer (DCSCT) course is designed to both equip the student as a Dementia Connection Specialist (DCS), and to serve as a Dementia Connection Specialist Certified Trainer/Coach. This intensive 7-hour program introduces the student to advanced dementia care subjects such as the theory of retrogenesis, habilitation, and sensory stimuli strategies, which is a framework that is known as the Dementia Connection Model©. This Johns Hopkins-supported, cognitive behavioral theory is then applied to every aspect in dementia care, and the student will build their confidence in using this model in their caregiving approach. It is in full alignment with the Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) System emphasis on wellness, non-pharma, and behavioral therapies. As a result, the student learns leading-edge dementia care approaches as well as how to educate and coach other healthcare workforce and family caregivers., and can certify them as DCS's.

This certification also satisfies the ICA’s standards for becoming a Dementia Coach along with the TDI modules and certification, certified through the ICA Foundational Training. As an ICA Certified Dementia Coach, persons are qualified under the ICA/TDI Model to assist in the widespread need to train others on communicating and providing care to those who live with dementia.

Module Elements:
•    DCSCT seminar with seven (7) hours of validated dementia training (7 CEUs) 
•    Immediate DCS & DCSCT certification valid for two (2) years
•    Recertification every two years (required under the TDI Model)
•    DCSCT Workbook and DCSCT Seminar My Toolbox
•    Digital marketing materials
•    Quarterly DCSCT Leadership Training Team meetings & support
•    20% off the DCI’s Online Dementia Classroom, as needed

Price: Available based on initial discussion


6.    TDI MARKETING SUPPORT & SALES SERVICES                Code:  TDI004

Purpose: The TDI Marketing Support & Sales Services module is designed to give ICA client the maximum marketing impact based on the adoption of the TDI System. For obvious reasons, the TDI approach gives any senior community or LTC an overwhelming advantage in terms of gaining local market share in terms of occupancy. Based on its unique support for all levels of dementia care staff, It also provides a powerful recruiting advantage in attracting top local market talent and retaining existing staff. To help ICA clients leverage these factors to the fullest, ICA offers industry-leading communications support.

Module Elements: 
•    Robust topical content on program benefits created with your consumers in mind
•    Social media ads and messaging, customized to your brand and market area
•    Standard PR release customized to your brand for use with your local media
•    Training and resources for your sales staff to equip them for maximum closing ratios

Price:  $2200 for annual program, single location; cost variable based on number of staff and locations


7.    TDI ONGOING PROGRAM MANAGEMENT                     Code:  TDI005
Purpose: The TDI Ongoing Program Management service is designed to ensure continuity of excellence in program outcomes and continual progress toward TDI program goals. This layer of service superimposes on all of the TDI Service Modules and is part of the overall service on contract. All client programs are overseen directly by Dr. Ethelle Lord.

Module Elements:

•    Ongoing testing to maintain client compliance to ICA standards 
•    Provides ongoing consultation (2 hours per month) as base level
•    More extended consultation by Dr. Lord as requested and as add-on services
•    Review of all program outcomes to ensure full Certification

Tuition: Available based on initial discussion



ICA Program Options: Diagnostic and Wellness Courses

The following new courses will become available in June 2024Program. They are designed to support the actual wellness quotient of your resident population through better diagnostics and life systems support: sleep, mental health, nutrition, and immunity—and the list continues to grow.

II.    ICA Diagnostics Services – This Course Sequence looks at dementia as a “whole body” issue not just a condition of the brain. 
•    Whole Body Analytics:  This course embraces the whole spectrum of sound analytics, immunity and more, including; classes and content descriptions available upon request. Instructor: Dr. George Grant
•    Sleep Therapy: This Course entails the emerging use of EEG Diagnostics across a range of issues; classes and content available upon request. Instructor: Ryan Stoffko

III. ICA Wellness & Energy Support Services – Services & Products
•    Metabolic Support – Emerging bio-chemistry is reshaping the area of metabolic support for extended brain energy at the Mitochondria level. Instructor: Dr. Hazel Szeto
•    Solving Dementia related Depression via metabolic science. Instructor: Dr. Timur Liwinski
•   Optimal Outplacement support for challenging patients. Instructor: Dr. Tim Poore
•   Dementia Care -- Caregiving for a diverse dementia population. Instructor: Dr. Andrew Harrision.