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About ICA

Please Take a Few Minutes to Learn Our Story, Vision and Mission

How ICA Came About

The International Caregivers Association (ICA) was founded in 2009 by Dr. Ethelle Lord, who realized there was a major systemic problem in dementia care after dedicating over 20 years as a caregiver for her husband. What started as Dr. Lord’s vision grew into a global coalition of compassionate change agents committed to implementing the groundbreaking Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) Model. This revolutionary new paradigm puts compassion and partnership at the center of care.

After grieving the loss of her husband in June 2020, Dr. Lord was inspired to re-evaluate ICA’s direction. She saw an opportunity to draw from her intimate caregiving journey and create an innovative model that would overhaul the status quo. The TDI Model represents the culmination of Dr. Lord’s professional pedigree and personal insights gained from walking alongside her husband each step of his dementia journey. Her doctorate in Organizational Leadership also informs ICA's systemic, team-based approach.

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Our Vision & Mission

ICA Vision
The vision of ICA is to support and augment knowledge in the practice of caring for those living with Alzheimer’s, at home or outside the home, for a fee or for free no matter the nationality, language, color, religion, sexual orientation, or creed of the care receiver. The ICA community desires to inform, educate, and provide the best possible set of tools to all care providers to enable the best possible outcome with the care of family members, residents, or patients living with dementia in any environment.

ICA Mission

The mission of the ICA is to elevate the standards of dementia care through education and to provide uniformity of services to all care receivers.

At ICA, we bridge communication gaps through formalized partnerships between patients, caregivers, and coaching teams. We aim to change perceptions, improve training, and spread the implementation of the TDI Model. We advocate for the over 55 million people living with dementia globally. Our goal is to fill the gaps in traditional dementia care models with a holistic new framework centered on compassion, partnership, and humanity.

How You Can Engage with ICA

We welcome diverse perspectives from professionals, caregivers, and anyone passionate about advancing dementia care. Partner with us to implement TDI Model training and certification at your organization.

That should start with becoming a member of ICA and enjoying all of the many benefits and cost savings that membership offers. Then, consider becoming a Dementia Coach to provide hands-on guidance to caregivers. Or get involved as a donor or advocate to help spread our mission. Your acts of compassion and partnership are vital to creating the dignified, inclusive world we envision.

As a company, you can engage with us by requesting a preliminary consultation, designed to give a 360-degree insight into all of the aspects of your current dementia care program. ICA believes that reshaping dementia care means taking a system approach to make sure all of the needed pieces are in place and functioning well.


ICA Leadership Team

The TDI Model. A New Global Standard for Dementia Care.