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Setting the New Gold Standard for Dementia Care. Wordwide.

We're Reshaping Dementia Care Across the Board.

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Watch the amazing story of how one woman is reshaping a better way forward in dementia care for millions--worldwide.

"Today's dementia care is woefully obsolete and harmful to both caregivers and patients. This creates unsustainable business models. Please join me in making Transactional Dementia Intelligence the new standard." - Dr. Ethelle Lord


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Today's Premier Standard for Dementia Care

Getting Down to Business Against Dementia
The groundbreaking Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) Model not only redefines the landscape of dementia care but offers an innovative business approach that promises far-reaching benefits. Dr. Ethelle Lord's pioneering white paper introduces the TDI Model as a catalyst for cost savings and enhanced marketability for care organizations.

This visionary model drives substantial financial efficiencies, positioning participating organizations as leaders in the industry. So, how does it work?

By fostering a revolutionary, patient-centered approach, TDI Model paves the way for remarkable results, including a significant reduction in staff turnover and the delivery of unparalleled care quality. By embracing TDI, businesses can expect to experience sustainable growth and brand distinction in the competitive dementia care market, unlocking new opportunities and driving transformative change.

Get the TDI Model For Your Community

Are you ready to transform your senior community or home healthcare company into a beacon of excellence in dementia care? The revolutionary Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) Model is your key to unlocking a brighter future for your organization, residents, and clients.

Call on our team at ICA is to guide you in discovering the boundless potential of the TDI Model, customized to meet the unique needs of your community or company. Call or email us for a personal consultation to learn more about how the TDI Model can accelerate your core revenue metrics.

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Dr. Ethelle Lord - Bringing A New Vision

Dr. Lord CorrectedAs ICA's Founder and President, Dr. Ethelle Lord is a pioneer calling for a global shift in dementia care centered around dignity, compassion, and realizing human potential. With over 30 years immersed in advancing elder empowerment, Dr. Lord sees a pressing need to re-envision how we connect with people experiencing cognitive decline. She coined the term Transactional Dementia Intelligence to crystallize her philosophy.

This tireless advocate aims to train a new generation of care providers focused on communication, relationship, and celebrating abilities that remain. She knows firsthand how the creative spirit flourishes when caregivers surrender to joy and imagination rather than control. People with dementia contribute profoundly when treated as valued individuals instead of losses to mourn.

Dr. Lord’s groundbreaking work marries clinical expertise with spiritual wisdom. She reminds us that identity transcends cognition. Her vision uplifts the humanity within each care encounter. Through leadership, education, and hands-on counseling, her global impact expands daily.

With intelligence and heart, Dr. Ethelle Lord guides the evolution of dementia care. She calls us all to embrace new paradigms for empowering people to thrive. Each interaction presents an opportunity to cherish our shared dignity.

Understanding the TDI Model

Defining Transactional Dementia Intelligence: A Win-Win Model for Everyone

Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) provides a framework for dementia care focused on two-way communication, applying expertise, and tapping into remaining abilities.

"Transactional" emphasizes active participation between care provider and receiver through compassionate communication suited to each person's needs. "Dementia" means understanding cognitive decline while still validating personhood. "Intelligence" means specialized knowledge and techniques to support quality of life.

TDI emphasizes transcending assumptions and embracing new approaches to care. Specialized expertise guides providers to interact with compassion, not institutional efficiency. Each encounter aims to uphold dignity within cognitive decline.

This ethos requires dedication from caregivers, supported by dementia coaches. TDI offers guidance to make the most of connecting with people at all stages. Relationships blossom when remaining strengths take precedence over losses.

In sum, TDI supplies a holistic framework for evolving dementia care. Two-way communication, applied knowledge, and focusing on retained abilities allow for meaningful transactions despite progression of disease.

Adminstrators Win

Administrators through achieving a full culture of dementia care that drives market adoption and greatly reduces staff turnover.

Caregiving Staff Win

With reduced hours, better pay and a dementia coach to guide their efforts, your caregiving staff becomes hugely loyal--and much more effective!

Memory Residents Win

Residents experience a whole new level of dementia care. They are embraced by a more refreshed and skillful staff, and a dynamic new communications model.

Resident Families Win

They become the "leaders of the pack" and are engaged in the direct care of their resident. They learn a whole new paradigm for family caregiving

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The TDI Model. A New Global Standard for Dementia Care.