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TDI Model

Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI Model) Is the Premier Dementia Treatment Program


A Revolutionary Re-imagining of Dementia Care

By formalizing partnerships between families, professional caregivers, and Dementia Coaches, the TDI Model creates a unified structure for communication, training, and support. This reduces frustration and isolation for all involved. Staff are empowered to provide individualized care suited to each care receivers's needs. The TDI Model's emphasis on deep dementia intelligence minimizes reactive behaviors and the need for medication. Care receivers experience a higher quality of life, which immediately distinguishes a TDI Model Partner as unique in their local market(s.) 

From an economic viability standpoint, the TDI Model's benefits include increased retention, job satisfaction, cooperation, and consistency in care. As a business model, it boosts the value of care facilities in the eyes of stakeholders through team-based training and a formalized partnership system. The TDI Model represents a comprehensive solution to issues plaguing traditional dementia care models. By boosting economic performance, the TDI Model garners support from your organization “from the top down”—the only direction that works on adopting new programs for the long term.

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"Healthcare leaders have created a culture which does not have the structures, processes, or been able to retain people with the needed mindsets to support their LTC services. The Transactional Dementia Intelligence(sm) business model of dementia care has built-in structures, processes, and retention incentives to revolutionize the entire organization." ~ Dr. Ethelle Lord 

Build a Total Culture of Dementia Care with the TDI Model

The TDI Model centers around Transactional Dementia Intelligence - a deeper knowledge of dementia as a unique lens on reality, not just a limiting condition. Specially trained caregivers develop tailored connections with each care receiver. This empowers compassionate, individualized care. The model creates formal partnerships between families, professional caregivers, and Dementia Coaches. This bridges gaps and provides support. The TDI Model has transformative potential for care receivers, families, and care providers.

Transactional Dementia Intelligence represents a new body of knowledge and understanding of dementia. It acknowledges dementia as more than just a medical condition - it is a unique perspective on reality. Caregivers must develop specialized intelligence and custom connections with each care receiver. The TDI Model forms the foundation for formal TDI Partnerships between all dementia care stakeholders.

The TDI Model sustains quality care through accountability, training, and rewards. It completes the life journey for care receivers and families through a unified care realm ready to revolutionize lives.

Happy board alsoFor Administrators:  TDI Model provides administrators with a comprehensive new structure for dementia care focused on communication, formalized partnerships, and depth of understanding. It offers extensive training resources to equip staff at all levels with dementia intelligence. By minimizing reactive behaviors through tailored care, the TDI Model greatly reduces costs associated with turnover, medication, and liability. It boosts staff retention and cooperation. Administrators can market their organization's TDI Model adoption to attract new patients and families seeking a higher standard of compassionate, person-centered care.




Dementia Coach. hand on shoulder-1For Staff:  TDI Model training and certification, staff across all roles build expertise in dementia care with a deeper appreciation for the experiences of those they serve. The TDI Model clearly defines staff roles and facilitates coordination through Dementia Coaches. This leads to greater teamwork and peer support. By focusing on positive connections tailored to each care receiver, staff can find more meaning in their work. Their stress is reduced. The TDI Model creates a work culture where staff are valued for their compassion and feel empowered to grow.






Senior couple wine-1For Care Receivers: TDI Model provides care receivers with personalized care centered on their unique needs, preferences, and realities. Specially trained staff prioritize understanding each patient's inner world. This minimizes confusing or upsetting experiences stemming from the dementia journey. With caregivers focused on facilitating positive moments and interactions, care receivers enjoy a higher quality of life, dignity, and comfort even as cognitive abilities decline. The TDI Model surrounds patients with knowledgeable, caring partners interested in shared understanding.


Woman Grand childFor Families:
Families of persons living with dementia often feel overwhelmed and concerned about their loved one's care. The TDI Model welcomes families as partners through its formalized structure. Families can volunteer for specialized TDI training to become more involved in care while also receiving support. Open communication and alignment between staff and families alleviates families' worries. They have confidence their loved one is understood. The TDI Model completes the full journey for families by valuing their bonds and knowledge of dementia patients.

The TDI Model. The New Global Standard for Dementia Care.