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ICA Consultants

Our ICA Consultants Are Enthusiastic Evangelists for the TDI Model!

ICA Consultants: Guiding Your Journey to Excellence in Dementia Care

At the heart of the Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) Model's transformative potential lies a dedicated team of ICA Consultants, your first personal point of contact with ICA, poised to navigate the unique path of implementing this pioneering approach within your organization. ICA Consultants play a pivotal role in illuminating how the TDI Model can revolutionize dementia care for administrators, staff, dementia clients, and their families.

Understanding the Role of ICA Consultants
ICA Consultants are the bridge that connects your organization to the world of TDI, facilitating a smooth transition towards the new gold standard in dementia care. Their primary mission is to comprehend your organization's specific needs, challenges, and aspirations, and then tailor the TDI Model to suit those unique requirements.

Informative and Supportive
ICA Consultants bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, allowing them to explain the TDI Model comprehensively. They are well-versed in the intricacies of this innovative approach, capable of breaking down complex concepts into digestible information. This aids in fostering a clear understanding of how the TDI Model can be applied within your organization.




Continuous Engagement
What sets ICA Consultants apart is their unwavering commitment to your organization's success. They don't simply provide information and walk away; instead, they remain engaged from day one through the years of your TDI Model journey. This long-term commitment means they are there to offer guidance, address challenges, and celebrate achievements as you embed the ICA Transactional Dementia Intelligence culture across your entire organization.

Diverse Backgrounds, Shared Passion
ICA Consultants come from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique set of experiences and expertise. However, what unites them is a profound passion for supporting organizations in their quest to deliver the new gold standard in dementia care. Their shared goal is to see the TDI Model transform dementia care on a global scale, ultimately improving the lives of dementia clients and their families.

ICA Consultants act as your personal guides on a journey toward excellence in dementia care. They illuminate the path, customize it to your organization's unique landscape, and provide unwavering support as you implement the TDI Model from top to bottom. With their dedication and expertise, they ensure that the ICA Transactional Dementia Intelligence culture becomes an integral part of your organization's identity, promising a brighter future for all involved in the world of dementia care.

Meet Your ICA Consultants

The TDI Model. The New Global Standard for Dementia Care.