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Dr. Lord's Presentation Schedule

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There's nothing quite like hearing Dr. Ethelle Lord share her insights into transforming the dementia care in person! Check out her presentatation Calendar below for upcoming events, dates and locations.


2023 Presentations

November 10, 2023 (online keynote presenter)

Title: YES, SUZY, IT IS POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF DEMENTIA CARE (about the TDI model of dementia care)

November 18, 2923 (2nd interview with Peter Hill)

Title: LET’S TALK ABOUT THE TRANSACTIONAL DEMENTIA INTELLIGENCE (about the pioneer business model for dementia care) (1st interview

2024 Presentations

February 2, 2024

Title: Did I hear Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve? (about diversity in dementia care)

The TDI Model. The Global Standard for Dementia Care.