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ICA Fundamentals of TDI Course

Get Certified in Transactional Dementia Intelligence, the New Gold Standard in Dementia Care.

Welcome to the ICA Course: Fundamentals of Dementia Intelligence! 

This course is your foundation in building proficiency in the TDI Model. Earn a full Certification in less than four hours! Now available via on-demand video, 24-7, from anywhere in the world! 

This comprehensive program consists of four dynamic courses presented in four (4) individual modules by Dr. Ethelle Lord, founding president at the International Caregivers Association and creator of the Transactional Dementia Intelligence (TDI) Model of dementia care. The entire lecture series total approximately three hours of engaging content designed to master the essentials of TDI.

Who Is This Course For?  Anyone who provides dementia care services to those millions of individuals living with dementia anywhere in the world - medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, nurses, nurses aids (CNAs), family caregivers and all dementia coaches.

Why This Course? The Fundamentals of Dementia Intelligence course is your essential stepping stone to all other ICA certifications. By mastering this foundational course, you’ll be well-prepared to advance in your professional journey and make a significant impact in the field of dementia care. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a certified expert in Transactional Dementia Intelligence!

 What Will You Gain? CEUs and a TDI certificate - Earn 4 hours of certified education units (CEUs) and a formal certificate upon successful completion to validate your expertise in the TDI Model. The certificate can be framed

Do I Need a Textbook?  Two books accompany the foundational TDI certificate training. (1) ALZHEIMER'S COACHING: Taking a system's approach to creating an Alzheimer's friendly healthcare workforce (2rd Ed.) by Dr. Ethelle Lord and request your complimentary copy at (2) TA Today by Ian Stewart and Vann Joines is available online (Amazon) at your expense.

Fieldwork Assignment at the Completion of Each Module: This fieldwork reinforces hands-on fieldwork to further enhance your understanding and real-world dementia care skills. 

Final Pass/Fail Exam:  
Demonstrate your proficiency by scoring 90 or above on the final exam. 

Don’t worry –you can retake the exam as many times as needed, as our goal is to ensure you build a solid knowledge base and immediately transfer those skills to the home/workplace environment.

Ready? Dive into a transformative learning experience that equips you with a formal certification in the core theories and practical applications of the TDI Model. Take the first step towards becoming a certified expert in Transactional Dementia Intelligence!

Thank you!

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When you purchase the ICA Fundamentals of TDI, you get access to the four major video modules you can learn at your own pace.

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Course Enrollment Form

Follow these Steps From Enrollment to Certification

  1. Fill out the enrollment form and push the button labeled Step One: Submit Your Enrollment. 
  2. Scroll up to the Step Two: Purchase Course. Fill in your purchase data via the secure form and click on the Pay button (gray bar).
  3. You will automatically receive an email with your personal logins to begin your ICA courses for Certification.
  4. Once you complete the Fundamentals of TDI (Four courses), notify Dr. Ethelle Lord via email at and she will email you the course exam. We will be adding an online exam for the Four-Part Course very shortly.
  5. Upon successful completion of your exam, we will mail you your handsome diploma (suitable for framing) and email you a digital certificate badge you can put on your Linked In account, email, and other digital media.

    Thank you! Please contact us immediately with any questions--at